Orthopaedic insoles

Orthopaedic insoles digiMED

DigiMED orthopedic insoles are manufactured using advanced diagnostic technology. Using a special 1200 mm long baropodometric platform equipped with 4800 pressure sensors, a static and dynamic test of your walk is performed. This highly accurate output of your gait can then be further corrected according to the doctor's prescription and the condition of the soles of the feet. Your data is then transferred to a computer-controlled CNC milling machine where the inserts are machined from selected orthopedic-prosthetic materials. The final product is covered with an insole and individually ground according to your needs by a prosthetic technician.

PAD orthopaedic insoles

PAD orthopaedic insoles are manufactured using a special diagnostic procedure consisting of taking measurements using a dynamic test through a specially patented shoe for taking measurements, then the insoles are individually corrected according to the doctor's prescription and the condition of the soles of the feet. The final product is sanded by a prosthetic technician according to your needs.

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Child inserts - individual

Children's orthopaedic insoles eliminate the influence of inappropriate children's footwear and thus contribute to the healthy development of the feet. For paediatric patients, it is especially important to have a firm heel guidance, secured by a high heel cup and reinforcement of the longitudinal foot arch. This type of orthotic insoles is particularly suitable for the correction of foot malposition (valgus and varus heel), which is common in childhood.

Korkfant orthopaedic insoles

Corkfant insoles are made by imprinting the soles of your feet on a specialised diagnostic device - the Plantagram. According to the doctor's instructions and the condition of the soles of your feet, the insoles are then further adjusted to the desired result by a prosthetic technician.

The insoles follow the shape of the foot. The size of the transverse and longitudinal arch support is interchangeable, depending on the nature of the footplate defect. These insoles are suitable for milder types of foot deformities and to compensate for shortening of the lower limbs even by a few cm. They can be used as a prevention against other foot defects, reduce back and leg pain and relieve fatigue.

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Health insurance contributions - VZP codes

If your orthopaedic surgeon issues you a voucher for a medical and orthopaedic appliance, you are entitled to a supplementary payment from your health insurance company in the following amount based on the code:

orthopaedic insoles - special*
80 %


2 pairs / 1 year

children's orthopaedic insoles - individual


2 pairs / 1 year

*the insurance company pays 80% of the total price of the medical device

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