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The core element of the company's activities GAZELA Praha s.r.o. is the production and provision of individual orthopaedic insoles and individual orthopaedic footwear with specific requirements for therapeutic and compensatory function. Our products are able to address most disabilities with respect to the specific needs of individual patients. Production is carried out on the basis of a prescription - a voucher for a therapeutic and orthopaedic device issued by a specialist doctor. 

As a contractual partner of health insurance companies, our products can be partially or fully covered by health insurance in justified cases.

The main office of our company is in Prague, but we have a number of contract workplaces that are regularly visited by our prosthetist. You can find a list of them in the contacts section.

Individual orthopaedic footwear

Custom footwear with specific requirements for therapeutic, compensatory and aesthetic function. Production based on medical prescription.

Individual orthopaedic insoles

Custom production of various types of individual orthopaedic insoles according to foot impressions and gait analysis by a prosthetic technician.

The difference between individual orthopaedic insoles and mass production

Orthotic insoles are a suitable solution for many foot-related problems and can be a very effective tool for relieving pain and other physical and postural problems. It is important not to confuse mass-produced and custom-made orthotic insoles, as each of these medical devices has a different purpose and therefore consultation with a physician is appropriate.

Serial orthopaedic insoles

Serial orthopaedic insoles are a product commonly found in pharmacies and health stores. They are usually made of soft gel materials, but they are also available in various forms of foam or plastic, especially if they are intended to correct specific problems such as a sunken arch.

Individual orthopaedic insoles

Individual orthopaedic insoles are similar in appearance to serial insoles, but a very important distinction is the individual approach to the production of these insoles. Individual orthotic insoles are designed by a prosthetist, based on a doctor's order, to perfectly fit your foot. This fact greatly increases their effectiveness to reduce pain, compensate for existing problems and prevent problems in the future.

Both products are designed to provide your foot with comfort and sufficient arch support. In contrast to the serial ones, the individual orthopaedic insoles can also be used to correct (compensate) faulty posture and gait. Even the smallest deviation in your foot can affect whole-body problems. The shins, knees and back are just some of the parts that can be directly affected by incorrect posture or gait. Individual orthopaedic insoles help to solve these problems, using the correct and even distribution of pressure on the sole of your foot and ensuring the correct angle of impact of walking, this fact is the main advantage of individual orthopaedic insoles, compared to mass production.

Individual orthopaedic insoles are a medical device designed for long-term use. The insoles are designed by a prosthetic technician based on the instructions of your specialist doctor. If you experience only occasional discomfort under certain conditions, serial orthotic insoles are probably a good option for you, but if you experience constant pain over a long period of time, you should consult your doctor about this problem.


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